Zoom APAC Summit Showcases AI Strength in Elevating Customer Experience

Zoom Video Communications (Zoom) recently hosted its inaugural Asia Pacific (APAC) customer experience (CX) summit to share insights on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping customer journeys and retaining customers by enhancing personalised interactions and improving response times.

Zoom Head of APAC Ricky Kapur (pic) pointed out that almost 60% of customers would leave a brand after one or two negative support experiences.

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“Customers today are seeking an experience that sets your company apart from others. They want to be treated well, they want issues resolved fast and with genuine empathy at every interaction,” said Ricky.

“Organisations need a single platform that provides a consistent and seamless experience – both internally for collaboration, and externally for customer interactions. By doing so, businesses can create more demand, increase customer loyalty, and accelerate revenue,” he added.

At its end, Zoom seeks to help businesses prioritise CX, drawing inspiration from its own successes, particularly in reimagining the way teams work while revolutionising employee experience in the workplace.

“For us to fulfil our mission of delivering limitless human connection, we extended the power of Zoom Workplace into CX as well. A big reason that customers choose Zoom in the workplace is because we ‘simplify’ complexity. They know Zoom is a modern workplace platform that just works, and we are bringing that same modern philosophy and engineering to customer experience.”

AI-powered customer service can benefit every aspect of an operation, from delivering exceptional user experiences for customers and agents to creating more cost-effective, efficient workflows.

CX Innovation Institute Chief Innovation Officer Simon Kriss also shared AI use cases in Asia-Pacific, such as real-time translation and automated post-call summaries.

“Automated post-call summaries not only save time for human agents but provide more consistently formatted summaries that can be more easily analysed at a later stage,” he said.

The Zoom Contact Center is said to be the world’s first video-optimised omnichannel contact centre, offering over 700 features designed to elevate customer experiences. Its recent AI innovations include:

• AI Companion for Contact Center, which provides live transcription, summarises calls, and even generates follow-up tasks for agents in real-time.

• AI Expert Assist, an intelligent feature that transforms customer interactions by analysing conversations on the fly and provides agents with information they need – right when they need it.

• Zoom Workforce Engagement Management, which harnesses AI-generated insights to forecast staffing needs, automate scheduling, and plan agent workload.

“Organisations today strive to provide a connected, unified experience for everyone that interacts with the brand, be it an agent, an employee, or a customer. In order to do so, there needs to be a change in technology capabilities, particularly by harnessing a modern AI-powered CX platform like Zoom that looks at CX and employee experience as one,” said Zoom Contact Center Head Chris Morrissey (pic).

The event also featured a customer panel discussion with Lenskart, Asia’s largest eyewear company serving 40 million people, with more than 1,500 omnichannel stores across 175 cities in India, Singapore and Dubai, and Iress, a global provider of financial services software.

Lenskart Product Owner Rahul Rupani shared that a challenge previously faced was managing the uneven distribution of optometrists across different regions in India. To address this, Lenskart turned to Zoom Contact Center which enabled optometrists to carry out remote eye tests for customers via video. He added the company is also planning to utilise AI features in Zoom Contact Center to enhance CX outcomes while scaling services. By analysing data from these remote interactions, his team will be able to quickly identify areas of improvement such as whether optometrists are following the guidelines of an eye test.

Meanwhile, Iress Chief Corporate Affairs and Marketing Officer Kelly Fisk said that the Zoom platform has helped free up employees for higher-value work, such as building relationships and making informed decisions.

“This is how Iress has leveraged Zoom Contact Center for its support teams. Large amounts of data from customer engagements are analysed with AI and fed back to product and customer support teams. This has helped drive quality control and coaching for employee development and has empowered team leaders to manage customer queues and resourcing more effectively, ultimately resulting in more positive CX outcomes,” she said.

Attendees certainly left the summit impressed by how Zoom’s integration of AI into its services marks a significant shift towards more dynamic and responsive customer interactions. By harnessing AI to streamline operations and enhance the quality of customer service, Zoom has elevated higher standards for customer engagement across industries. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of customer experience, Zoom’s innovative spirit continues to offer a glimpse into the future of how technology can deepen human connections while transforming service delivery.

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