Traffic on MyIX Network Peaks at 532Gbps

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The Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) is working round-the-clock to ensure continued uninterrupted internet connectivity now that Malaysians have to abide by the Movement Control Order issued by the government.

Since the order came into effect last Wednesday (18 March 2020), the MyIX network recorded a highest internet traffic peak of 532Gbps, compared to year 2019’s highest traffic peak point record of 500Gbps.

The order essentially acts to control and curb the rise in COVID-19 cases, by restricting movement and mass gatherings from 18 to 31 March.

As a result of most people being confined to their homes, demand for internet connectivity has increased significantly.

According to MyIX chairman Chiew Kok Hin, the association has taken additional measures to ensure uninterrupted internet services to households given the rising demand.

“Our industry players are extremely committed toward uninterrupted connectivity and have upgraded their capacity in anticipation of traffic surges,” said Chiew, adding that MyIX is working closely with these telecommunications companies.

“In addition, since most internet service providers (ISPs) and content distribution networks (CDNs) are directly peered with MyIX with sufficient capacity, the public should not be experiencing any degradation of internet connectivity,” he further said.

Chiew also shared that the MyIX infrastructure is classified as being critical national infrastructure and, as such, security has also been strengthened in line with guidance from the National Security Council under the Home Ministry.

MyIX is an initiative under the Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission (MCMC). Today, MyIX is the country’s only non-profit national internet exchange body operated by industry.

Chiew also said that it is timely that MyIX is set to open two new nodes in Cyberjaya for more networks to join its internet exchange, thereby extending MyIX’s reach while increasing its presence points throughout the country. Currently, MyIX operates two additional nodes which are located in Iskandar Puteri, Johor and Kuching, Sarawak to complement the main nodes located at the AIMS Data Centre and CSF Building in Cyberjaya, Selangor.

These nodes are essentially access switches located at various alternative sites; thereby enabling members and peering partners to connect to ISPs, other members and content hosted by MyIX.

Chiew explained that, since ISPs and CDNS are spread across various data centres, these nodes serve to provide additional exchange points for ISPs and CDNs to better connect with one another, especially useful when connecting from remote locations.

“The nodes also ensure improved latency for interconnectivity with other networks,” he added. “They would be instrumental in further enhancing the stability and performance of internet connections, lowering connection costs while minimising traffic ‘bottlenecks’.”