GameOn Intelligent Chat to Enter Asia Market

Multi-platform chat application company, GameOn is set to enter the Asian market. The company is a provider for a multi-platform intelligent chat technology platform that aims to connect its users to relevant content regarding any topic, from anywhere in the world.

Users will use their existing and familiar communication platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Telegram to connect with bots that give real-time responses to any query. GameOn’s current partnership with Sky Sports for coverage of the English Premier League has yielded great success, and the company is looking to expand its reach in the Asian market starting with the launch of a similar chat-bot for the Indian Premier League, connecting millions of Cricket fans in South Asia and worldwide.

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Founder and CEO Alex Beckman is focused on building and developing the chat application space. In 2017 the iOS and Android markets made over US$60 billion in revenue, and Beckman believes that potential for the chat-based application market is even bigger.

“Real time information is important to our users, many of whom already rely on the internet for live game coverage, score updates, and player information. By allowing fans to connect across platforms, GameOn’s bots ensure that the latest information is provided regardless of what social media service the individuals choose to use, allowing for engaging and personalised sharing of interests across one source,” said Beckman.

GameOn’s proprietary bots are powered by natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It intends to provide users with a truly immersive interactive experience by recognising natural speech patterns, sentient user behaviour, and trend analytics to supply conversations that are personalised and contextual.

Some of GameOn’s bot topics include Sports, and Travel and Leisure, which multiple users choose to connect to in order to discuss specific interest-based subjects with many other fans and followers worldwide.

By using an always online cloud-based platform, GameOn ensures reliability and connectivity with over 2 billion people, hence also offering advertisers the opportunity to monetise these conversations by promoting an extremely targeted online presence.

The company hopes to grow in new areas such as e-sports, music, and entertainment following their industry leading success in the sports chat market, with Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook potentially leading the way in supporting this new ecosystem. In addition, GameOn intends to develop its own advertising engine inside the chat space and strengthen enterprise grade tools and connections in areas like ERP and cloud marketing.


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