Epson Has a New Line of Professional Photo Printers

Epson is taking the printing experience a notch higher with the introduction of the Epson SureColor SC-P703 and SureColor SC-P903, two new photo printers developed with the needs of the design- and quality-conscious photographers and artists in mind. Incorporating the same large-format printing technology used by the world’s leading photographers into a sleek, compact design, this new line of photo printers offers the creation of museum-quality prints from the convenience of a desktop. The models are priced at RM3,210 (Epson SC-P703) and RM5,565 (Epson SC-P903).

Designed for professional photographers, both the Epson SureColor SC-P703 and SureColor SC-P903 come as a treat for creatives who have a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for high-performance hardware that is aesthetically pleasing. The quality of both printers’ output is enhanced by the deepest blacks and an expanded blue colour gamut.

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Designed for high print quality

Equipped with UltraChrome PRO10 ink set, the Epson SureColor SC-P703 and SureColor SC-P903 photo printers provide one of the widest colour ranges available for photography and graphic design needs, offering up to 5% more colour subsets than earlier models.

With increased black density achieved through UltraChrome PRO10 ink and Black Enhance Overcoat, finer detail and texture in black areas results in better gradation, deeper blacks, and less graininess. The Black Enhance Overcoat reduces diffused reflection so that users can get high print quality that they want.

The expansion of the blue colour gamut results in more accurate colour reproduction. Users can even produce rich black printing on glossy paper with Max Quality (Carbon Black) mode. This print mode enables the richest black in comparison with the past SC-P series, producing clearer images and details.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Both photo printers come in a sleek, compact, and ergonomic design that makes it more convenient for users. The SC-P703 is 32% smaller than its predecessor SC-P607, while the SC-P903 is 30% smaller than its predecessor SC-P807. Despite the more compact size and design, these new photo printers are packed with functions that make photography printing much more exciting with truly vivid colours and imagery.

United Function enabling ease of use

The Epson SureColor SC-P703 and SureColor SC-P903 come with multiple functionalities which lead to greater ease of use made more convenient by the ready availability of both Matte Black (MK) and Photo Black (PK) inks now, and the considerably reduced downtime required in switching between art and photo paper.

This generation of photo printers prevents paper from getting misaligned or overflowing while in the machine thanks to the extremely light and robust paper trays with vertical grid lines that hold the paper firmly. Even better, the printers can help cut the print material to the size that users prefer simply by setting the media profile.

A customizable user interface (UI) and a print status indicator with LED lighting enable the user to monitor the printing job. Both models come with an advanced integrated spindle-less roll paper unit and fine paper feeding through the Automatic Sheet Feeder function.

Best of all, this new set of printers enable users to manage multiple printers on one computer easily, redefining the printing workflow that photographic print professionals are used to. With the new Epson Media Installer, colour management systems are better managed and International Colour Consortium (ICC) difficulties are more conveniently managed.

“We design our products with our Corporate vision in mind – to transform the way businesses work. With our ear to the ground, we have worked with professionals and artists across the region to develop best-in-class photo printers able to output the photographic quality artists desire with greater productivity and efficiency,” said Daisuke Hori, Managing Director of Epson Malaysia.

The Epson SureColor SC-P703 and SC-P903 photo printers will be available in the region by December 2020.

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