Wavelet Named AWS ASEAN Software Partner of the Year 2023

Local company Wavelet Sdn Bhd (Wavelet) was recently honoured as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ‘Software Partner of the Year 2023’ for ASEAN.

Wavelet CEO Vincent Lee expressed both ‘humility and deep honour’ in the wake of receiving such a coveted distinction, stating that the award serves as testament to Wavelet’s staunch dedication to customer satisfaction and ceaseless innovation in cloud solutions and services.

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“The award is a testament to the tireless dedication and exemplary work from our talented team,” said Vincent after receiving the award from AWS Head of Digital Native and Software Segment (Southeast Asia) Patrick Kelly (pic).

“Our partnership with AWS has been instrumental in the creation and delivery of superior solutions for the greater good of end-customers,” he added.

Established in 2003, Wavelet has established a strong reputation over two decades, especially in empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with technological solutions geared towards augmenting productivity and operational efficiencies.

“Wavelet strives to make sophisticated technology solutions used by large enterprises accessible to the SME community so that they, too, can enjoy and benefit from these powerful tools,” said Vincent.

Today, Wavelet’s diverse client portfolio spans an array of sectors, including retail chain stores, trading and distribution and pharmacies.

The AWS recognition shines a spotlight on Wavelet’s innovative next-generation platform known within industry and end-users as ‘BigLedger’.

Constructed on a multi-channel cloud-native architecture, BigLedger has become synonymous with being a ‘robust composable enterprise platform’ and stands out with its scalability, cross-platform compatibility, mobile functionality and REST-API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface).

“With BigLedger, there is no more messy integration – whether among packaged apps, custom apps and databases – as it allows massive data to be stored and processed centrally, functioning as the data exchange across multiple systems,” said Vincent.

“All structured (financial transactions) and unstructured (conversations, text, images) data is stored centrally with users being to edit and update on a real time basis,” he added. In addition, BigLedger’s serverless infrastructure enables users to scale automatically when usage increases based on a ‘utility’ pay-as-you-use model.

What’s more, BigLedger allows users to seamlessly connect online and offline operations.

“This omnichannel approach has numerous benefits for both businesses and end-customers: They include significantly enhancing customer experience by providing a consistent journey across all touchpoints, while allowing businesses to gather comprehensive data for personalised services and targeted marketing, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.”

Delving into the origin of the company’s name, Vincent clarified that ‘Wavelet’ is inspired by its mathematical counterpart – a wavelet is a function that separates data into different frequency components and studies each component at a resolution matching its scale.

“Echoing the traits of its namesake, our BigLedger platform deconstructs complex data into simpler, manageable units, thereby offering more precise information and insights. This empowers businesses to better comprehend their data landscape and make informed decisions,” said Vincent.

Reaffirming Wavelet’s future goals, Vincent confirmed the firm’s commitment to revolutionising business productivity and efficiency by synergising the power of a cloud-native ERP platform with AI technologies.

The awards ceremony, held recently in Singapore, celebrated AWS Partners who have excelled in leveraging AWS’ vast and deep ecosystem to drive successful customer outcomes, foster data-driven decision-making and secure AWS Certifications to adapt to customers’ evolving needs.

Meanwhile AWS Partner Sales Leader (ASEAN) Kirsten Gilbertson said that AWS’ local partners play a pivotal role as strategic advisors and technology experts in helping customers innovate, reduce costs, and build industry-focused solutions on the AWS cloud platform.

“Our valued partners like Wavelet continue to empower customers to accelerate innovation, develop industry-focused solutions, and build resilience amidst the ever-changing economic climate,” said Kirsten.

She added that the company’s partners continue to serve as ‘force multiplier to accelerate cloud transformation in the region and drive local economic growth.’

“Together with our partners, AWS remains committed to enabling customers to address industry needs and drive positive business and societal outcomes by leveraging the latest cloud, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies,” said Kirsten.

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