Telegram X: Designed for Android

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Telegram is one of those mobile messaging apps that at first seemed quite obscure, hidden in the shadow of giants such as Whatsapp and Wechat. However, thanks to increasing awareness about security thanks to massive data leaks and terrifying global malware plagues, consumers are beginning to seek alternatives to the usual apps.

Originally built as a test platform for the MTProto mobile protocol, it ended developers gained such confidence in its security that they offered a $200,000 bounty to anyone who could crack it. Being built around the premise of a secure connection, it’s no wonder that the app has moved forward by leaps and bounds.

Of course, it also helps that Whatsapp has gone on a couple of global outages once in a while and that cheeses some people off. In fact, during one particular outage in Whatsapp service, more than five million users signed up for Telegram.

So what’s up with Telegram X?

Developers at Telegram are touting Telegram X as a ‘faster, slicker and easier to use’ version and we have to admit it is. It sports fluid animations, a night mode, new gestures and a clean, bubble-free mode for chats, where messages and photos get more breathing space – and photos in channels assume the full width of the screen.

It’s specifically designed for android and features apps written from scratch, with an entirely new code base and without all the legacy components the original has accumulated through the years.

The goal? To reinvent Telegram and explore new frontiers in speed, ease of use, quality of animations and all other aspects.

The app also includes a reimagined music player and attachment menu, as well as optimized profile pages with quick access to shared media. You can easily switch between different types of shared media by swiping.

Telegram X is still experimental and may or may not eventually replace the existing official app. But even if it doesn’t, it will speed up the development of Telegram by allowing developers to quickly test new approaches and technologies.

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