Lenovo doubles its x86 world record benchmark count

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Lenovo has doubled its x86 world record benchmark count with 46 new benchmarks based on the Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, more than any other vendor in the latest Intel benchmark cycle. Lenovo’s ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile portfolio of solutions are engineered to help customers reduce complexity and tackle challenging workloads.

“Lenovo is committed to innovation that drives superior customer experience with an intense focus on increasing performance, reliability and sustainability. These benchmarks are a clear indication of our success in those areas,” said Bev Crair, Lenovo VP of Development and Quality.

“Imagine having a pit crew in your data center. Our customers want the expertise to tune their hardware, software and applications, just like a racing crew tunes a car for each track, driving condition, and driver style. These benchmarks show how Lenovo systems deliver on the promise of great performance for our customers,” he added.

The Intel Xeon Scalable Processor benchmarks cover workloads that range from application development, data management, Java performance to analytics. As part of these benchmarks, Lenovo’s XClarity Provisioning Manager allows customers to select an operating mode that simplifies what is normally a highly complex process, increases their productivity and accelerates their time-to-value.

For example, a small business that may not have a database administrator could use Lenovo’s tools to easily tune their systems for their specific database needs. These optimized operating modes are based on years of hardware and workload experience, simplifying the hundreds of combinations, settings, and analysis into four operating modes.

Performance Unlocked

Lenovo focuses on workloads that reduce customer complexity and increase performance. These workloads fall into 5 categories: Applications, Data Management, Application Development, IT Infrastructure and Web Infrastructure.

The world record benchmarks enable significant customer advantages, such as the STAC-M3 suite which more than a 7x times performance increase over the equivalent result from a prior benchmark publication on the SR650.

This large increase was accomplished by using the recently announced Intel SSD DC P4800X Optane drives in the Lenovo SR650 server.  As a result, customers in the financial industry who run data management workloads, such as structured data analytics, can see up to a seven-fold increase in the speed of their analytic results. In an industry where time is money, that is a significant advantage.

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