F-Secure Elements Aims For Servitization of Cybersecurity

F-Secure Corporation, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies, recently launched F-Secure Elements: a new cloud-based platform that streamlines how organizations provision cyber security services.

Available from F-Secure’s service partners with fixed-term license subscriptions, or usage-based billing for greater flexibility, F-Secure Elements empowers organizations to choose cybersecurity services on terms that accommodate their needs.

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F-Secure Southeast Asia-Pacific (APAC) Regional Manager Yong Meng Hong (pic above) said that many organizations operate in complex environments dominated by a range of dynamic risks and opportunities.

“Keeping these complexities in mind, as well as the rising costs of security and the lack of experienced security professionals, it’s no surprise that an overwhelming number of organizations want to simplify how they source cyber security capabilities,” he said. “These demands are driving a shift toward providing cybersecurity as services rather than products.”

“Even with updates, products are static and can’t adapt fast enough to keep up with threats, or businesses, as they evolve. Services help businesses stay agile and are more cost-effective when delivered right, which is why the future of our industry is in delivering everything as a service,” he explained. “Having a platform designed for the servitization of cyber security can help organizations get better protection, which is why simplicity and flexibility are F-Secure Elements’ core design principles.”

F-Secure Elements is a modular platform that combines endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, vulnerability management, and collaboration protection for cloud services (such as Microsoft Office 365).

F-Secure Elements’ key capabilities and benefits include:

·         Comprehensive situational awareness and meaningful visibility across assets, configurations, vulnerabilities, threats, and events.

·         Streamlined and autonomous operations to ensure efficient workflows and faster responses to real threats.

·         Real-time, connected data flow between elements to enable faster detection of threats.

·         Intelligent, extended detection and response capabilities for data-informed decisions.

·         On-demand option to elevate difficult cases to F-Secure experts.

Usage-based pricing simplifies path to growth

A recent Forrester report emphasized the increasing importance for flexibility and usage-based pricing: “During the pandemic, many clients became frustrated when vendors wouldn’t lower license usage below baselines, even though the organization’s usage had dropped off because of staff furloughs.

“Examine contracts and ask for flexibility to alter the licensing baseline under certain conditions and for the ability to carry forward unused license entitlements into the next year without additional charge.”

With the transparency on usage provided via F-Secure Elements’ detailed invoicing for usage-based billing, organizations can make informed decisions on how to control security investments to prevent paying for idle licenses, or services they don’t need.

“Usage-based pricing helps organizations develop and adjust their security capabilities to focus on outcomes, and move from ownership to user-ship,” said Yong.

F-Secure Elements was launched at SPECIES, F-Secure’s annual global partner conference. Video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axLDbj1_Nb4.

More information on F-Secure Elements is available here: https://www.f-secure.com/elements.

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