CheckPoint Launches ZoneAlarm Free Chrome Extension

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Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP) has today announced the launch of its ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free solution, giving users 100% free protection against phishing attacks, malicious downloads and dangerous websites. 

ZoneAlarm’s Web Secure Free is an advanced extension for Google Chrome that provides free essential browsing security tools to keep users safe from multiple threats while they search and browse the web. Installing the solution makes ZoneAlarm Safe Search the default search engine and utilises Check Point’s ThreatCloud™ database, which contains up-to-date global threat intelligence to scan search results and rate them according to their potential risk.

ZoneAlarm’s Web Secure Free also protects users’ credentials against phishing attackers by using ZoneAlarm Zero-Phishing technology, which scans all websites before enabling users to insert any personal information while also alerting them to any attempts to steal personal data. 

The solution also utilises ZoneAlarm’s Threat Extraction technology so users can safely download emailed or web-downloaded documents. Threat Extraction automatically removes any suspect or malicious code from documents in seconds, ensuring that the extracted file is completely safe without disrupting what the user is doing.

“Cyber-criminals are always looking for ways to target consumers and often play on genuine public fears, as seen recently with the rise of malicious spam relating to 2019-nCoV disease,” said Dror Levy, head of consumer sales at Check Point. “We’ve found that Coronavirus-related domains are 50% more likely to be malicious than other domains. Since the beginning of January, over 16,000 new coronavirus-related domains were registered and since the end of February 2020 the average number of new domains is almost 10 times more than found in previous weeks. Special offers are also being sold over the dark net under special offers with “COVID19” or “coronavirus” as discount codes. Utilising solutions like ZoneAlarm’s Web Secure Free means users are protected from such prevalent threats, with the best enterprise-grade technologies keeping them secure while browsing.”

In addition to utilising ZoneAlarm’s Web Secure Free solution, users should also follow the recommendations below for safe online behaviour to avoid falling victim to online scams:

  1. Be cautious with emails and files received from unknown senders, especially if they are offering special deals or discounts.  
  2. Don’t open unknown attachments or click on links in the emails. 
  3. Ensure you are ordering goods from an authentic source. One way to do this is NOT to click on promotional links in emails, and instead, Google your desired retailer and click the link from the Google results page.

ZoneAlarm’s Web Secure Free is fully compatible with Chrome: 75 and above and can be downloaded here. Google Chrome is currently the most used browser worldwide, accounting for 69% of the global desktop internet browser market share as of December 2019. ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free also comes free with any of ZoneAlarm’s free security packs, including the ZoneAlarm Free FireWall solution and ZoneAlarm’s Free Antivirus solution.