Samsung shows how to identify fake 4K TVs

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2019)

These days, a TV is no longer just a device to watch your favourite movies and variety shows. It is the protagonist of a living space, one that sets the tone of the room, displaying the way of life of the home owner. A premium, classy aura radiates from the beautiful bezel-less curved design of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV, allowing it to fit elegantly in any space of the room. On top of its exclusive look and feel, the Samsung SUHD TV (4K TV)with Quantum dot display provides true to life picture quality, and is getting praises from all around the room for its ability to display even the smallest details on its screen. Its excellent picture quality has awarded the Samsung latest TV its 4K certification.

What exactly is a 4K TV?

UHD TVs, also known as 4K have four times the amount of pixels in Full HD TVs, allowing them to display the same image with even more detail and clarity. While 4K UHD TVs are quickly growing in the global TV market, 3K TVs being marketed as 4K TVs are also appearing, with lower picture quality.

Samsung is trying to play an important role in educating consumers on the difference between real 4K TVs and 3K TVs. A real 4K UHD TV has RGB (red, green and blue) sub pixels with consistent brightness and realistic colours while a 3K TV’s resolution is decreased by 25% as some of its RGB pixels have been replaced by white pixels, reducing its brightness and distorting the colour. In other words, a real 4K UHD TV is like freshly squeezed orange juice, while the 3K TV is orange juice diluted with water.

3K TVs, also known as RGBW TVs, are being displayed as having the same technology as 4K TVs in retail stores. This may be slightly tricky to consumers planning to purchase a real 4K UHD TV.  However, there is a simple solution to that! Simply pause the content on a TV and snap a photo on a spot with a white background. Upon zooming in on the photo, you’ll find that only red, green and blue pixels can be seen on the real 4K TV. A 3K TV, however, will show white pixels on top of the RGB pixels.

4k tv

Samsung has led the global TV market for ten years based on the philosophy that the very basics of a TV is the ability to offer the best picture quality possible to viewers. This belief will be held as the highest value for Samsung TVs, even when future technologies evolve from 4K, 8K and beyond.

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