Qualtrics Expands XM Solutions Capabilities

Qualtrics¬†has announced the expansion of XM Solutions to help customers close experience gaps and harness the power of the world’s leading Experience Management (XM) Platform. There are now over 45 expert-built solutions spanning automated projects, guided programmes and full-service research, designed by industry and research experts to accelerate customer experience, employee experience, and market research.

For years, organisations have struggled to quickly set up experience management and market research programmes, while ensuring programmes were best-in-class. Customer experience management (CX) has become increasingly crucial to a success of organisations and it is one of the key pillars of experience management (XM).

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According to a recent research report, the global CX market size is forecasted to grow to a market size of $32.49 billion in 2025 which translates into a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.9%. Closer to home, the CX market size in Asia-Pacific is expected to grow annually from 2017 to 2025 at a CAGR of 24.7% which is 1.8% higher than the global average. This is attributed to organisations in the Asia-Pacific region are increasingly implementing CX programmes.

With XM Solutions, Qualtrics’ team of PhDs and industry experts have created solutions to help customers quickly and confidently launch their programmes and drive business outcomes. Solutions include both guided programmes – designed to accelerate customer experience and employee experience programmes with pre-configured surveys, expert-validated methods, and dashboards tailored to your business – as well as automated projects for quick-turn research projects that yield near-immediate results.

“XM Solutions will improve the speed and accuracy with which organisations can launch their experience management programmes,” said Ryan Smith, co-founder and CEO of Qualtrics. “Our team of experts have designed packaged solutions that leverage the learnings from thousands of customer experience, employee engagement and research programmes running on the Qualtrics platform. This will help any organization–large or small–jumpstart its experience management and research programmes, and make it easy to scale those programmes to fit the organisation’s needs.”

Leveraging XM Solutions, customers can more quickly and confidently conduct comprehensive customer, employee, product and brand research in a fraction of the time. From pricing, to customer NPS, to brand awareness studies, XM solutions delivers fast results with automated setup, streamlined distribution, and smart analysis for research of all sizes.

“XM Solutions have made it possible to simultaneously enhance our suite of research capabilities and reduce costs,” said Andrew Mun, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Kia Motors America. “These out-of-the-box solutions have changed the way Kia conducts research and improved our speed to insights. In a highly competitive industry, that means the difference between success and failure.”