New Jobstreet Package Gives Employers More Options

As Malaysia’s leading employment platform, JobStreet by SEEK continues innovating to help organisations with their hiring needs and recently introduced a new flexible package for hirers.

In a statement, the company said that it prides itself on being the ‘trusted talent partner’ across Malaysia and throughout the rest of Asia, and will continue to come up with ‘HR solutions that support organisations’ entire HR lifecycle’.

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The company already has a dashboard for organisations to monitor job ad performance, together with platforms dedicated to upskilling and reskilling employees.

The new advertising package is one that is budget-based to offer employers greater flexibility and effectiveness. (Pic above: SEEK Chief Executive Officer Peter Bithos (right) and Chief Operating Officer Lewis Ng (left) making the announcement at the ‘Forward Together’ event hosted recently by JobStreet in Kuala Lumpur.)

“This way, organisations are empowered with the freedom and flexibility to choose different ad types in line with their hiring requirements,” said JobStreet Malaysia Managing Director Vic Sithasanan.

“Organisations also stand to enjoy lasting discounts which are applicable anytime within the contract, even after the budget has been utilised.”

These benefits far outweigh what was offered by the previous credit-based model which was limited to specific ad types, with only one-time discounts for each ad pack purchase.

“JobStreet by SEEK is today candidates’ first choice career platform and an effective employment marketplace for organisations,” said Vic .

“This stems from JobStreet empowering organisations to hire faster with its vast talent pool while enabling organisations to stand out from the crowd with ad solutions based on their hiring needs.

“JobStreet has easier and more efficient shortlisting solutions that connect directly with relevant candidates. Our enriched and connected platform means that organisations get more visits, grab more attention while also offering triple the marketing investment to attract more candidates.”

“With this new ad budget, flexibility and control are in the hands of employers and they are able to pick and choose the right ad type for different roles every single time.”

Benefits for hirers include:

  • Greater flexibility whereby hirers enjoy freedom to choose between ad types anytime
  • Better control and planning with hirers able to make ‘easy’ upfront decisions while being in control of the hiring budget
  • Lasting discounts which are applicable throughout the contract period, and
  • Better results through effective use of the right ad type

To learn more about JobStreet’s innovative flexible ad package, please click here or visit

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