Netccentric Rebrands as Xamble Group

Kuala Lumpur-based Netccentric Limited (ASX:NCL) has announced that shareholders have approved its corporate name change to Xamble Group Limited at its Annual General Meeting held yesterday.

Derived from the core word “assemble”, Xamble is pronounced as ‘x-em-bl’ and reflects the company’s vision of “Assembling Communities” to bring prosperity and value to its ecosystem of brands, influencers, and consumers, the company said in a press release.

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In another significant development, the company said that it has successfully integrated Xamble Creators into Open AI’s ChatGPT platform, providing influencers with suggested social media posts based on campaign briefs and preferred tone of voice. In addition, the community feature, which allows influencers to communicate and collaborate with one another based on campaigns and events, has also been rolled out.

“The seamless integration empowers influencers by streamlining their content creation process and facilitating collaboration within the community,” said the Group’s Executive Chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah.

Xamble Creators screenshots with suggested social media posts powered by ChatGPT

The Xamble Creators app, launched in March 2023, has 462 registered influencers on the platform as at 29 May 2023 and has processed more than RM500k of payments to influencers..

Accompanying the corporate name change and integration of Xamble Creators, the company also announced the launch of the Xamble Social Wallet, a Web3 membership platform available on the iOS App Store, Android Play Store and Huawei AppGallery.

“This innovative wallet enables brands and influencers to issue memberships to reward and retain consumers or followers. Additionally, consumers can manage multiple digital memberships through this digital wallet,” said Ganesh.

“The Xamble Social Wallet addresses key challenges in influencer marketing campaigns, providing brands with control over customer data ownership and the ability to track and attribute sales generated from influencer marketing campaigns in the near future.”

Initially, the Xamble Social Wallet has been integrated with two prominent e-commerce platforms: Famsy, a Malaysian-based print-on-demand gifts and merchandising services provider with approximately 300,000 customers, and eShoplive, a social live commerce platform boasting over 30,000 members.

The integration with Xamble Creators enables influencers to issue memberships directly to their followers, fostering stronger brand loyalty and engagement.

The Xamble Ecosystem showing the relationship between Xamble Creators, Xamble Social Wallet, Brands, Influencers and Consumers.

The revenue models for Xamble Social Wallet include setup and subscription fees charged to brands, activation fees per membership, and revenue sharing based on sales generated from collaborations. These models offer a sustainable source of income for the platform while driving its growth.

“Our new name reflects our aspirations to build Asia’s largest digital society while our new technological solutions will enable us to rapidly expand in both our core South East Asian market and new geographies,” said Ganesh.

“The Xamble Social Wallet aims to solve one of the biggest issues in influencer marketing, generating attribution for brands. This will allow us to secure new clients by offering the capability to track brand loyalty and influencer engagement. Simultaneously, Xamble Creators will accelerate our expansion into new market segments and enable scaling to more industries and countries.”

Given these significant milestones, the Group is poised to revolutionise the influencer marketing landscape with its integrated offerings, empowering influencers, brands, and consumers within its ecosystem.

“With the approval of the corporate name change, the successful integration of Xamble Creators, and the launch of the Xamble Social Wallet, our Group is set to make a significant impact in the digital marketing industry in the years and decades to follow,” concluded Ganesh.

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