Kids need to Learn the Risks of Cyberthreats

The growing menace of cyberthreats looms not only over the heads of big businesses, but also to the younger generation of individuals. According to Kaspersky, a third of parents curb the amount of time their children spend on the Internet, to protect them from online dangers. However, the company feels that there are other steps parents can take to minimise the risks and help their children make the most of all the positive things that the digital world can offer.

Figures from Kaspersky and B2B International show that one in ten (12 percent) under 18-year olds are addicted to the Internet. Aside from that 36 percent are concerned about inappropriate or explicit content, while 32 percent fear the risk of communication with unknown strangers.

Yet limiting the time they spend online might not be the best way to protect the kids. In a 12-month period, 44 percent of children were faced with at least one online threat, with one in ten kids accessing inappropriate content or coming into contact with malicious software and viruses (10 percent).

Therefore, an alternative option for parents could be to concentrate on supporting their children in other ways, such as through education. Over a third of parents regularly talk to their kids to teach them about online threats and try to supervise their children when they are online. This potentially offers opportunities to highlight any threats that may appear and supplement the education effort.

“Parents want to keep their children safe, but simply restricting access to the online world isn’t necessarily the best way to do this. Education and communication both play a huge part in ensuring children use the Internet responsibly and safely,” said Dmitry Aleshin, VP for Product Marketing, Kaspersky Lab.

Nevertheless, Aleshin stresses that it is also imperative to use software to bolster defences. Limiting time spent online is a key part of the process but won’t work in isolation. Technology can help reduce the risks, enabling children to safely explore all the positive aspects of the Internet and develop their digital skills without having to worry about cyberthreats.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is designed to help parents take a more effective approach to shielding their children from the dangers that lurk online. Through the solution, parents can choose to either block children’s access to certain apps and websites, or to help kids become more aware of the dangers for themselves, by warning them that the sites or apps they are about to access are risky and may contain dangerous content.

From imposing time limits through to keeping track of online activities, Safe Kids can provide the additional layer of care that parents need to fully protect their kids against the threats that exist and continue to evolve online.

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