Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming comes with server-class components

The Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming WIFI Mini-ITX motherboard is based on the AMD B350 chipset. Designed to support AMD’s Wraith Max cooler unit, the board also comes with Smart-Fan 5, Hybrid Fan Pin Header, RGB fusion and server-class components.

Gigabyte AB350N

Unlike most conventional CPU coolers, AMD’s newly released Wraith Max has larger dimensions and weight, making the traditional Mini-ITX designs more challenging. Due to limited space, Gigabyte redesigned AB350N-Gaming WIFI motherboards to enlarge the zones between the CPU socket and DIMM Slots so that AB350N-Gaming WIFI can support larger CPU coolers and other components, and improve the air circulation at the same time.

Aimed at providing a more stable and durable experience, the AB350N-Gaming WIFI uses server-class digital power design from International Rectifier which includes both 4th Generation Digital PWM Controllers, industry-leading 3rd Generation PowlRstage controllers, and the new generation of IR all digital power controllers. These digital controllers offer incredible precision in delivering power to motherboard’s essential components, allowing enthusiasts to get the maximum performance from their new AMD Ryzen CPU.

In addition, the Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming WIFI comes with Smart Fan 5 technology which allows users to change their fan headers to different locations, and read thermal sensors at different locations on the motherboard, and lower the temperature accordingly. Furthermore, Smart Fan 5 uses hybrid fan headers which support both PWM and Voltage types fans, and make the motherboard more liquid cooling friendly.

Gigabyte AB350N

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