Get Insured with Dengue Cover+ Through DiGi

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Digi has joined hands with Gibraltar BSN Life to launch Dengue Cover+, a digital Dengue and Zika cover with Life Insurance. The policy is a fully digital-enabled protection plan distributed by Digi and is offered exclusively to all its existing Malaysian Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers between the ages of 18-45 via an easy online sign up.

Leveraging on the Ministry of Health’s insights and current data, Digi subscribers in high alert Dengue areas will receive push notifications from Digi to inform them that their residential area is a Dengue hotspot and to offer them an opportunity to protect themselves and their families with Dengue Cover+.

The digital insurance plan is available from as low as RM0.15 cents per day and offers Hospital Cash benefits, and Death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) benefits including additional benefits in case the subscriber suffers from a Dengue or Zika virus attack. Premiums will be directly debited to their Digi account and applicants are also not required to undergo any form of medical examinations.

Loh Keh Jiat, Chief Marketing Officer of Digi said, “Dengue is a rising concern in Malaysia but we recognise that many Malaysians still lack access to affordable healthcare. Our new partnership with Gibraltar BSN enables us to connect our customers who matters most, by offering hassle-free digital insurance solutions and keeping them protected with up-to-date health alerts.”

Rangam Bir, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gibraltar BSN said, “Our commitment to protect the dreams of our customers while meeting the evolving protection needs of Malaysians has driven us to innovate, and Dengue Cover+ is the result. By applying through their phones, Digi subscribers can easily supplement their existing life insurance coverage with Dengue Cover+ at affordable premium rates. We are pleased that our collaboration with Digi will allow us to protect wider demographic groups and narrow the protection gap as we continue to launch simple, affordable and relevant products to Digi’s subscribers.”

According to the Ministry of Health, there were 3,223 recorded cases of dengue in the fifth week of 2019 (27 January-2 February 2019), an increase of 3.1% from the previous week of 3,127 cases. This brings the total cases of dengue in 2019 to 15,469 with 25 cumulative deaths associated with the virus.

Monthly PremiumRM5RM10RM20
Yearly Premium

(FREE one month’s coverage )

Death BenefitRM10,000RM 20,000RM 40,000
TPD (*Total Permanent Disability)RM10,000RM20,000RM40,000
Additional Accidental Death BenefitRM10,000RM20,000RM40,000
Additional Accidental TPD BenefitRM10,000RM20,000RM40,000
Additional Death Benefit for Death due to Severe Dengue or Zika Virus InfectionRM10,000RM20,000RM40,000
Hospital Cash Benefit for Dengue Fever or Zika Virus InfectionRM30/dayRM60/dayRM120/day
Entry limit18-45 years
Payment termsCharged to prepaid balance or postpaid account