F-Secure Capitalizes on Corporate Cybersecurity Megatrends

F-Secure Corporation believes that the corporate cybersecurity market would continue to drive the industry as more enterprises throughout the Asia-Pacific and Japan region seek out solutions to safeguard themselves from cyberattacks.

According to its regional director Keith Martin, cybersecurity megatrends in turn continue to support the F-Secure strategy of transforming from just being an antivirus company into the enterprise end-to-end solutions provider it is today.

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“Corporate cybersecurity is today our largest business segment,” said Keith, explaining that the segment’s growth stemmed from cyberattacks becoming more focussed and advanced.

“Other factors driving the corporate cybersecurity market include increasing government regulations leading to the higher need for compliance, cyberattacks from nation-states, digitisation and enterprises moving into the cloud which in turn necessitates the need to secure data in transit.

“Five years ago, F-Secure’s business was totally focused on endpoint protection. From 2015 onwards, F-Secure began to focus more on advanced security technologies,” he added.

Especially in the area of managed detection and response (MDR), Keith believes that it would emerge as a key engine of growth for the company.

Keith explained that endpoint protection solutions and prevention are very effective when it comes to fighting commodity cyber threats like malware.

“F-Secure, however, has taken cybersecurity protection to a whole new level with our Rapid Detection & Response solution by monitoring enterprises’ IT environments and their security status to identify suspicious behavior,” said Keith.

“Rapid Detection & Response gives contextual visibility to automatically identify and visualise advanced threats by combining lightweight endpoint sensors with advanced data analysis, AI (artificial intelligence), and machine learning capabilities.”

“Our ‘Man & Machine’ approach offers unique competitive advantages to all enterprise customers,” said Keith.

Trained by an experienced threat hunting team, the solution enables a company’s own IT team or a local, managed, and certified service provider supported by F-Secure’s experts to protect an organisation against advanced threats. What’s more, its mechanisms narrow down the data and distinguish malicious behavior patterns from normal user behavior to quickly identify real attacks, significantly reducing the number of alerts that IT staff has to pay attention to.

“What this means to our customers is that, Rapid Detection & Response is able to detects targeted attacks swiftly and enables efficient incident response with built-in automation to stop the attacks when they happen,” said Keith.

He further explained that some detections may require deeper threat analysis and guidance by specialised cybersecurity experts: “The F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response also comes with the option of sending tough incidents to F-Secure’s threat hunters.”

This service leverages cybersecurity experts from F-Secure’s 24/7 managed detection and response team.

Keith also shared about how F-Secure’s acquisition of MWR InfoSecurity in mid-2018 has brought a whole new dimension to its strong portfolio of products and services.

“With MWR InfoSecurity now part of F-Secure, we are today one of the few truly global technical cybersecurity advisors uniquely positioned to support both mid-market companies and large enterprises across the globe. It also makes F-Secure the largest European single source of cybersecurity services and detection and response solutions,” said Keith.

He added that MWR InfoSecurity’s threat hunting platform, Countercept, provides extensive proactive attack detection and adds another dimension of security and monitoring to F-Secure’s Rapid Detection & Response Service.

“With MWR InfoSecurity, F-Secure now has even greater visibility into real-life cyberattacks so that our customers throughout the world remain protected effectively,” he said.

“That means that customers are always reassured about having the required skills and resources to respond to even the toughest targeted attacks,” concluded Keith.