ECONDLIFE, A Microchip Programmed Ultrasonic Anti-Virus Humidifier

 Eco Awareness launches EcondLife, the world’s first smart microchip anti-virus air sanitizing purifier to safeguard people from viruses, including coronavirus[¹].

EcondLife is suitable for all premises including homes, corporate offices, waiting areas, meeting rooms, restaurants, school & educational centres, clinics & hospitals, fitness centres, hotels, shopping complexes, commercial or public areas.

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EcondLife is a microchip programmed ultrasonic humidifier. It emits a fine mist of Ionic Nano Copper (INC16K) disinfectant throughout the space to deactivate all airborne viruses instantaneously. 

The INC16K nano-particles also form protective layers on all hard and soft surfaces in the room that would inhibit any viruses coming into contact.

INC16K is certified by NSF, ANSI & EPA to be human-friendly. It is 100% Food Grade Organic Minerals and proven effective in inhibiting human coronavirus up to 99.99%.[²]

Since its soft-launching in June, EcondLife is well accepted by many establishments including Klinik Alam Medic in Klang. The owner, Dr. Sangeeta Kaur related her clinic has many clients including insurance, government-linked companies, and corporations. 

“As a certified clinic carrying out Covid testing regularly within our premises, I am confident to say EcondLife has helped to ensure we and our patients are all safe from the potential exposure to this deadly virus and none of my staff fallen sick since,” said Dr. Sangeetha.

EcondLife can cover 3000 sqft, it can cleanse 6 times faster and 6 times bigger area as compared to air-purifiers in the market, which normally cover on average of 500 sqft. 

EcondLife is endorsed by the Malaysian Medical Association KOOP. It’s certified internationally by TUV, CB, CE, and locally by Suruhanjaya Tenaga, SIRIM, and Safety Authority Singapore. 

Besides creating a pathogens free environment, EcondLife enriches the air with a high level of oxygen, replenish moisture, and improves humidity level for comfort and healthier living thus enhances the body’s immune system.

EcondLife is also effective in killing molds & mildew, eliminate the allergen, pet dander & dust mites, eliminate haze and smoke as well as remove odor & stale air. It is ideal to be used in any indoor or outdoor place.

With EcondLife, one can be more assured the family members and company staff can be better protected from human coronaviruses 24 hours daily.

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