DreamHack and Corsair enter strategic partnership

Corsair and DreamHack have announced a new partnership which will see the duo working together for the next two years as strategic partners with Corsair as a major sponsor of its eSport properties.

Having previously sponsored numerous events and competitions, most recently as a main sponsor of DreamHack Open, Corsair will be expanding its sponsorship of the company’s events, becoming the title sponsor of its Dota 2 activities through DreamLeague, and the title sponsor of DreamHack Masters.

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The new sponsorships extend to naming rights, with DreamLeague now titled “CORSAIR DreamLeague” and DreamHack Masters now known as “CORSAIR DreamHack Masters”. Corsair will also partner with DreamHack on as-yet unannounced events and tournaments, with more details in the coming months.

Over the past six years, Corsair has remarkably increased its presence in the PC peripherals and esports space, launching a diverse range of gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and accessories, in addition to its wide-ranging DIY and memory products. The company has gained recognition amongst gamers for its commitment to premium materials and lasting build quality.

“We are tremendously excited to continue to ramp up our efforts within the esports industry thanks to Corsair. 2017 has been a huge year for DreamHack, between the dozens of tournaments and 11 major events we have run, and with CORSAIR’s support we can continue to level up what we’re doing for 2018 and bring the most exciting shows and events for the esports and gaming audience,” said Marcus Lindmark, CEO & President of DreamHack.

“Corsair is committed to growing esports and PC gaming around the world, and expanding our partnership with DreamHack, the biggest digital festival in the world, was the natural choice. Corsair has always strived to make products that PC enthusiasts and gamers deserve, able to withstand the demands of a tournament environment. DreamHack will help us to continue and strengthen that tradition,” said Lauren Premo, Senior Gaming Marketing Manager at Corsair.

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