Download PS4 Hidden Agenda for only RM86

Sony Interactive’s Hidden Agenda has just come out and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for only RM86. Another title from Supermassive Games, this one is a crime thriller which follows the story of the hunt for the infamous ‘Trapper’ killer.

While the title is PS4, Hidden Agenda really does have one, being the first to support Sony’s PlayLink which allows players to use smartphones to control the game. Intended for multiple players, you all search for clues in-scene and vote on play-making decisions together.

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Even better than simply collective play together, the game allows each player to have their own tasks and even try to influence each other.

Hidden Agenda has gained relatively positive reviews overall, with Metacritic awarding it a 69 Metascore and a Userscore of 70.

In order to play the game, user must download and install the Hidden Agenda companion app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Sony recommends the device have either iOS 9+ or Android 4.4+. At the same time, DUALSHOCK 4 is required for setup and PlayStation 4 system functions.

Download the companion app here for iOS and Android

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