Data Science

TechBarrista is currently embarking on the next leg of its digital journey. In an era where Big Data becomes increasingly vital, so too becomes the ability to interpret and create actionable insight from it. We aim to build the capabilities that will enable organizations to move to the next level in data-based objective decision making.

Data Platform

The TechBarrista Enterprise Data Platform accelerates and democratizes data science by automating the end-to-end journey from data to value. This allows you to deploy trusted applications at scale within your organization. We provide a centrally governed platform that gives you the power of AI to drive better business outcomes and is available on your cloud platform-of-choice, on-premise, or as a fully-managed service.

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Solutions Across Industries

Whether it’s reducing fraud losses, retaining customers, or setting more accurate pricing, We help your team get real results they can trust. Companies that are data driven use automated machine learning to solve the most pressing business problems.


  • Model monitoring
  • Challenges of production deployment
  • Lifecycle management
  • Risks and best practices
  • Data Cleansing, Classification, and Transformation

Our Team

Chen Wen Han, Head of Data Science
John DeSussa, Head of Data Pipeline Team
Peter Taylor, Scrum Master & Chief Data Wrangler
Alice Wong, Data & MLOps Team Lead

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