Capitalonline Data Service joins MYIX

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Capitalonline Data Service Co. Ltd has become the latest company to join the Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX), an initiative under the Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission through the cooperation of local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to connect and exchange Internet traffic locally.

Capitalonline develops and provides internet data centre services. The company is in the business of providing information and direction centre services, cloud computing, global interconnected cloud platform development, and other services. Capitalonline Date Service offers its services to customers in games, electronic commerce, education, big data, and other industries.

MyIX is a non-profit and Malaysia’s first neutral Internet Exchange where local Internet Service Providers (“ISP”s) and content providers connect to exchange internet traffic.

Significant benefits are provided for members such as:

  • The prevention of ‘boomerang’ effects: By peering with MyIX, the local traffic is kept domestically, therefore, the boomerang traffic is kept at a minimum and latency between peering operators has improved.
  • Better Quality of Broadband Service: By keeping domestic traffic local, the ISPs will be able to ensure better and more efficient traffic handling, improved quality of service, and ultimately higher take-up of broadband among consumers. As a result, end users can have a better and faster experience in accessing local content.
  • Access to a Knowledgable Platform: MyIX has created an interactive and knowledgeable platform between local operators to establish better cooperation with one another. This has also increased the reliance and capabilities to share each other’s network to ensure continued services at all times.
  • Cost Savings: As substantial percentage of local traffic have been routed via MyIX away from international bandwidth links, all operators especially the smaller ISPs enjoy cost savings due to domestic peering.
  • And an excellent Value Proposition: Peering with MyIX has helped create an excellent value proposition especially for foreign content providers to peer with MyIX and as such improved business opportunities for members.

MyIX chairman Chiew Kok Hin said that MyIX recently completed its network refresh to 100 Gps port capabilities.

“The upgrade will enable Malaysia’s bandwidth expansion for the next five years, in addition to managing growing Internet usage,” explained Chiew.

Chiew is also encouraging international ISPs and content providers to invest further in Malaysia.

“By having foreign ISPs and content providers setting their regional networks here, it will reduce the network charges of consuming international content,” he said.

MyIX is also currently working to further tighten its Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI).

RPKI is a public key infrastructure framework designed to secure the Internet’s routing infrastructure, specifically the Border Gateway Protocol. RPKI provides a way to connect Internet number resource information (such as IP Addresses) to a trust anchor.

Using RPKI, legitimate holders of number resources are able to control the operation of Internet routing protocols to prevent route hijacking and other attacks.