AMD releases Q1 2017 results showing increased operating loss

AMD recently released its revenue figures for the first quarter of 2017 showing an income of $984 million, down over the $1.1 billion it posted in Q4 2016. The result was an operating loss of $29 million, and net loss of $73 million, or $0.08 per share.

Despite its releases of refreshed product lines and its much-touted Zen series of processors, the industry giant has not been able to stem negative revenue impact. What might be even more worrying is that counterpart Intel also released its Q1 results at a similar time posting solid Quarterly Year-on-Year (YoY) results with earnings per share up $0.53.

AMDs Computing and Graphics segment revenue was $593 million, up 29% YoY and down 15 sequentially. The company state that the YoY increase was driven primarily by higher desktop and graphics processor sales. The sequential decrease was primarily due to a decrease in mobile and graphics processor sales largely offset by initial revenue from high performance Ryzen desktop processors.

This quarter AMD launched its first high-performance x86 Ryzen desktop processor based on the entirely new “Zen” core microarchitecture. The line-up included 2 distinct performance class chips, the Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5

AMD’s “Vega” GPU architecture is supposedly on track to launch in Q2, and has been designed from scratch to address the most data- and visually-intensive next-generation workloads with key architecture advancements including: a differentiated memory subsystem, next-generation geometry pipeline, new compute engine, and a new pixel engine.

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