5 Top resources for free WordPress themes

If you’ve ever been a blogger or even a small company looking for a simple and cost-efficient website, chances are high that you’ve explored using WordPress. The WordPress content management system is great simple because it is so widely used and offers a huge amount of supporting resources through its community. Free WordPress themes are easily available if you just know where to find them!

Some of you might wonder if you should be designing your own site and themes, but think of it this way. Unless you’re a programmer/designer, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the basic skills needed for that; and believe me, those skills take some time to gain.

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So why not concentrate on your main goal instead, and that’s to share your content with the world, rather than getting bogged down in code. Here are some great resources that can kick start your search for your ideal WordPress themes.



ThemeGrill offers a fair number of nicely designed themes, but best of all you’re not getting a poorly designed theme just because you won’t pay for it. The site offers themes that have free and paid versions. These are essentially the same, except that the free versions have fewer features and less support. If you’re happy with the theme, just pony up some cash and the extra features will be unlocked on your selected theme.



ColorLib has around 50 themes available, many of which are high quality responsive themes. Although this site has fewer free themes, they are constantly adding on new ones. If at first you don’t find what you want, just check back later!



aThemes has around the same theme plan as ColorLib, but it also gives an overall package deal that lets you access all themes for a flat price. This is probably good for someone who can’t make up their mind, or just has a habit of constantly refreshing their site look-and-feel.




ThemeIsle is a legend and holds the distinction of recommendations by some of the biggest sites on the net. The site sells themes by membership type, which gives you access to up to 20 themes across varying number of domains.

Cresta Project

Cresta Project has a more limited number of themes, but it rounds this off by also offering web hosting as well as WordPress plugins. While not stunning, the themes cater to a variety of site types and you should be able to find something here to suit your needs.


If you’re looking to start a wordpress site, these can be a great resource to help you out in terms of design. However, starting a blog or website needs much more than that. Hosting for instance, is a recurring cost that is a pain to transfer once you’ve paid for. To learn more about web hosting and other necessary tools, visit WHSR and check out their comprehensive reviews on tons of web hosts, along with many helpful articles.



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